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Business Insights and Craft Beer – NewCo East Cincinnati

Should your company be a B Corp? Is an incubator the way to go? How can you provide your customers with a personal touch in the digital world? How does MadTree make such delicious beer?

All questions that will be answered at the NewCo sessions in North Cincinnati.

Build A Better Business Workshop: B Corp (Ingage Partners) – Ingage partners will educate the audience on the significance of a Certified B Corp, the value proposition of operating a triple-bottom line and hear from other B-Corp success stories using business as a force for good. Participants will also receive a copy of the B Corp Handbook.

Scaling Innovation the Incubation Way (HCDC Business Center) – Value creation, capital gathering, & boot strapping companies all call us home for good reason. Come learn why over 70 companies are getting stuff done and making a difference while creating significant economic impact for our local economy.

High-tech, high-touch: The future is personal (EBTH) – How can a global e-commerce company provide a personal touch? Let’s talk about what it means to combine technology with personal, trusted service in the coming economy, and how to scale a business while staying true to your roots built on earnest, one-to-one interactions.

Fifty West Brewery: Where quality beer with a beat, brings quality people together (Fifty West Brewery) – When our guests arrive on the 23rd we will provide them with a warm, friendly, comfortable atmosphere, much like many destination spots among Route 50. They will experience a brewery tour, flight tasting, history session, and be provided with their own personal/private space. We are extremely excited to host this group. Cheers!

MadTree and the Growth of the Craft (MadTree Brewing) – Where did MadTree come from and where is it going? See how beer is produced and hear the story behind MadTree along with a sneak peek at MadTree 2.0.

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