Building a SHEcosystem in StartupCincy

More than 150 women packed into the Union Hall Beer Hall on International Women’s Day last week for a early morning celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in our region — Building a SHEcosystem was rockin’ in at 1311 Vine St.

Empowering Women Take the Stage

Shellye Archambeau

Headlining the event was Shellye Archambeau — a strong Silicon Valley technology leader with deep expertise in sales and marketing and current Board Director at Nordstrom, Verizon and MetricStream.

Shellye shared her career journey to the position of CEO at MetricStream — following all its ebbs and flows — and how her “phased” approach to life has led to success. Her message to the women in the room Thursday was one of empowerment. She challenged the room to understand their worth (as 95 percent of women are underpaid) and “adjust the thermostat” to “turn up the heat” and increase your odds of success in the workplace.

Check out (and connect with) Shellye’s LinkedIn here. (She invited the crowd to do so!)

The #PressForProgress Panel

Shellye wasn’t the only strong woman to take the stage on Monday. The #PressForProgress Panel featured some of the region’s most vocal, progressive women for change.  Barb Lee, Executive Producer at PointMade Learnings, set the stage by reading How to Triumph Like a Girl, by Ada Limon and then facilitated a conversation about power and opportunities for women leaders.

  • Tamaya Dennard, Councilwoman at the City of Cincinnati
  • Johnna Reeder, President and CEO at REDI Cincinnati
  • Gloria Ware, Director at KeyBank Center for Technology, Innovation and Inclusive Growth at JumpStart Inc.

The State of Women

Some snow squalls may have prevented many from catching the event kickoff, where Cintrifuse CEO, Wendy Lea and Aviatra Accelerators President/CEO, Nancy Aicholz set the tone of the morning by defining the ‘State of Women.’


  • There are 11.6 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. that generated $1.7 trillion in revenue and employ almost 9 million people… but it could be more.
  • Inequality in lending to women and minorities leads to less funding, lower amounts and higher rates for women seeking investment… cutting into revenue and profit.

The morning was FULL of eye-opening stories, numbers and revelations and the best way to hear it all is to watch the livestream, which is posted on our Facebook page.

What else happened?

Here’s a 30-second video recap of the morning:

Did you like the music that was playing? Cincinnati Music Accelerator Founder Kick Lee was the master curator of that Spotify channel.

Did we snap your pic? Scroll through our photo album.

Check out the action from Building a SHEcosystem on International Women's Day!

Posted by Cintrifuse on Friday, 9 March 2018


And definitely don’t miss this one —  the finished product of the morning’s DRAWversation, recapping everything that was said on stage… in style. Special thanks to Brandon Black for your help and amazing work on the illustration!

See you next year!

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