Cintrifuse is hiring – Syndicate Fund Co-op

Cintrifuse’s mission is to lead and accelerate the continued development of Greater Cincinnati as a disruptive, tech-based innovation economy. Our vision is to establish Greater Cincinnati as the #1 start-up hub in the Midwest and among the top innovation hubs in the nation. To do this, we inspire ideas … empower founders … lure talent …

Join us for the 2019 Cintrifuse Annual Meeting on Nov. 5th!

Don’t Miss the Invigorating 2019 Cintrifuse Annual Meeting at Union Hall!   Cincinnati’s tech-based innovation economy is picking up speed and facing an inflection point. You’re invited to be part of an invigorating conversation about how we make the most of this moment and ensure the long-term economic vitality of our region. At this year’s …

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