Another Great Year for NewCo Cincy!

July 21, 2016 was quite a day for StartupCincy. Our ecosystem hosted the second annual NewCo Cincy and it was an amazing day. Over 90 host companies opened their doors and welcomed over 900 people from Cincinnati’s business community into their spaces. There were plenty of exciting sessions. Everything from the creative presentations like The Art …


Union Hall Track – NewCo Cincy

Don’t want walk around in the July heat or drive all across the city when you can get the full NewCo experience in one, air conditioned place? Lucky for you, we created the Union Hall Track. You can spend your entire day in Cincinnati’s startup hub and hear from some great companies. Cintrifuse (that’s us) …


Brewery Track – NewCo Cincy

Like hearing how awesome companies are changing Cincinnati but also feel like drinking delicious beer? Then we have the track for you! The Brewery Track has the breweries and distilleries that are making the Queen City a capital for craft beer and locally brewed spirits. You can get a tour of Rivertown’s  space and hear how Rivertown is an …


Startups, Branding and Innovation – NewCo Downtown

Downtown is a busy place. With over 25 sessions, you can keep yourself occupied all day at NewCo Cincy Downtown. Hear from creative agencies like Epipheo who will talk about how to be an effective story teller. Or you can listen to local startup Casamatic talk about how they created the perfect product for their …


Maker Track – NewCo Cincy

Tech and software is great but sometimes you want something you can hold in your hand. NewCo Cincy’s Maker track gives you front row seats to all the physical product makers in StartupCincy. Start the day hearing from Grainwell which takes old materials and turns them into beautiful products. If you’re a foodie you can check …

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