Cincinnati Invented Hustle – FounderCon 2016

FounderCon has come and gone and in its wake our startup community will see one of the greatest inflection points in its history. When we look back at this event we will say that this was the moment Cincinnati claimed its rightful place among the nation’s best regions for innovation and entrepreneurship. As John Hill, …


FounderCon Comes to Cincinnati – Interview with John Hill

Next week, Cincinnati will host, for the first time ever, the 2016 Techstars’ FounderCon. Over 1000 founders from accelerators across the world will come to our city for a two days of networking, business development and thought leadership. We recently spoke with John Hill, Techstars’ Network Catalyst, about what he is excited about this year and the …


Patrick Henshaw joins Cintrifuse as Director of Development for Kenton County

Patrick Henshaw recently joined the Cintrifuse team as Director of Development. Prior to Cintrifuse, Henshaw was co-founder and COO at Strap, a local technology startup and Brandery graduate. This position is intended to grow the tech and knowledge-based ecosystems of Kenton County. “We’re extremely grateful to the leadership of Kenton County for supplying us with …


Spry Labs Partners with Humana to Host Data Jam

Spry Labs held their first ever Data Jam this past week. Partnering with Humana, Spry invited 6 teams from as far away as Washington, D.C. to participate. So what is a Data Jam? And why would we partner with Humana to have one? Different than a hackathon, which is typically open to participants from the community, a Data …


Innovation and Healthcare – IX Health 2016

September 29, 2016 saw the second annual Innovation Xchange Healthcare Edition. Payors, providers, employers and startups converged on Union Hall for a round of talks and breakout session all devoted to the future of healthcare. Aaron McKethan, Co-Founder of RxAnte, kicked off the morning with a talk around the industry and what steps it can …

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