CES 2019 | Reflections & Implications for Cincinnati

As I reflect on CES 2019, all roads continued to converge towards an always-on, AI-powered “concierge desk.”  24/7 service. Talking robots. Voice activation.  Personalized health advice. Consultative “smart” kitchens. Virtual nurses or doctors. Auto “guides.”  Even the smooth reassuring voice of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (now singing w/hundreds of partners). The vast majority of devices on display at CES …

2018 Annual Meeting Recap

Yesterday, we hosted the 2018 Cintrifuse Annual Meeting at Union Hall. We had a packed room full of venture capital investors, BigCo innovation sponsors, entrepreneurs, and members of the highly-engaged Cintrifuse Board of Directors. More than a third of the nearly 200 people on hand came from out of town, which is a great signal …

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