Our strategic partnership: Cintrifuse + Techstars

If you’ve taken notice to an increased Techstars presence in StartupCincy, you’re not seeing things. Yes, we lured Techstars here with FounderCon in 2016 and we completely blew away everyone’s expectations, but that doesn’t mean our partnership ended there. In the world of startups, venture capital and innovation in general, the clout of Techstars is …

Ramping Up with New Team Members

The Cintrifuse crew is growing in 2017 – this time through the marketing department. We’re proud to welcome Bjorn Simmons and Henry Molski to our Union Hall headquarters where they’ll sync up with the rest of our small-but-mighty team.  Together, we’re strengthening Cintrifuse’s and StartupCincy’s already vibrant voices and engagement in the Greater Cincinnati region. …

Cintrifuse Adds Innovation Exec to Board

Greater Cincinnati’s startup catalyst organization announces a new board member today welcoming Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Mastercard (MA). Rajamannar has an impressive background blending technology, innovation, and business management. He’s routinely listed as one of the Most Influential CMOs (Forbes) and on Billboard’s Power 100. While Raja works out of Purchase, …


Cintrifuse Invests in the Valley

The Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund announced its investment in Bullpen Capital. Based in Menlo Park, CA, Bullpen has built a successful reputation for discovering high-performing, early-stage companies. Their process involves identifying startups with strong operating metrics they believe will have an outsized Series A round within eighteen months. This is also the first fund based in …

Cincinnati hosting one of only 12 NewCo conferences in U.S.

On July 23, Cincinnati joins New York, Austin, San Francisco, London, Istanbul and other notable cities in hosting the 2015 “inside-out” conference NewCo, when over 80 local businesses will tell their stories or demo their products. Source: Cincinnati hosting one of only 12 NewCo conferences in U.S.

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