5 Reasons Why Union Hall is the Place to Work in 2021

Tired of working from home? Searching for a change of scenery? Look no further than Union Hall! Here are the top five reasons why you should make Union Hall your office away from your (home) office in 2021. 

Location. Location. LOCATION! Union Hall sits in the heart of Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine neighborhood, a thriving beer-soaked powerhouse of culinary delight and entrepreneurial energy. Forgot to bring your lunch to work? No problem! Grab take-out from one of the delicious local eateries just steps away from Union Hall’s front door.

“After doing the WFH thing for six months, which wasn’t all good or bad, it feels great to be back at Union Hall’s co-working space. Union Hall is one of my favorite spaces in OTR, with its attractive modern meets historic interior, good people and comfortable seating. In this new normal, I feel comfortable and safe returning to work there part time. It’s nice to see some old friends and have a couple square feet more than my apartment to spread out in. Thanks Cintrifuse for making Union Hall what it is!” – Philip Heidenreich, Rhine Media







Working (and Parking) Options for All. From Co-working spaces to private offices, Union Hall offers a variety of membership plans to better suit you and/or your business’ needs. Union Hall residency includes Cintrifuse Membership, which provides a variety of entrepreneurial programming, services, and subject matter experts. NEW for 2021- All plans include special discounting on Mercer garage parking (only $5/visit)! 

Space to Spread Out. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Union Hall continues to provide a safe work environment for members. With thorough sanitization protocol, safety requirements, and a footprint of over 38,000 sq. ft., residents can remain socially distant and at ease while working. Get a vibe for the building – take the interactive Virtual Tour!

“We’ve gone the full distance with safety protocols while keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive and vibrant.” – Laura Hughes, Operations & Events Manager at Cintrifuse

A Solution for Online Meeting Fatigue. Beyond general coworking areas, Union Hall also offers the ability for patrons to rent event spaces – perfect for socially-distanced team meetings and brainstorming sessions!

A Place to Find Your People. Union Hall is not only a building, but also a community of thinkers, creatives, professionals and doers. By becoming a patron of Union Hall, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and work amongst great minds like yourself. Did we mention we are pet friendly too?

Ready to explore a new office setting? Email laura@cintrifuse.com for Union Hall & membership perks & rates or browse the Union Hall website here. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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