The 5 biggest stories from Cintrifuse in 2017

2017 came and went. Cincinnati’s entrepreneurs reached greater heights than ever before. Businesses boomed. Teams closed deals. Some started anew. All and all, it was another year of big changes and new highs. Trying to remember how much we’ve done this year? Let’s take a look…

Hillman Launches

Welcome, Hillman. Hillman Accelerator, the first and only full-time accelerator in the Midwest built specifically to attract and accelerate venture-backable tech companies founded by women and ethnic minorities launched at Union Hall in April morning.

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Innovation Xchange opens its doors (to all)

In years past, feedback from our community was, “how do I find out more?” Innovation Xchange was reserved for BigCos and startups involved in our customer connections program, those directly taking part in the creation and sourcing of innovation briefs. While our network is wide and literally spans the globe, we had never opened our doors wide – until this year.

This year anyone was able to register to take part in a morning and an event that reshaped regional thought leadership on corporate innovation.

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Return of Steve Case

Three years ago, when billionaire entrepreneur, businessman and investor Steve Case first walked up Vine Street, he passed a vacant set of buildings –  the half block of 1311, 1313 and 1315 Vine Street was nothing more than an abandoned nightclub, without a single tenant.

This past July, Steve Case opened up the door from his Uber revealing not just a neighborhood transformed, but an entire ecosystem on the rise. The previously vacant set of buildings he passed by in 2014 were now his destination. 1311 Vine Street had become Union Hall.

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Cincy soars in rankings

StartupCincy swarmed to Cintrifuse’s blog in 2017 to find out everything they needed to know about Cincy’s burgeoning ranking in several national polls. Most notably, there’s The Kauffman Foundation and the three large rankings they represent, where Cincinnati climbed high in “Startup Activity.” But as you’ll find, there’s a lot more going on with deeper dives into these number games.

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The very first Startup Week

And how could we forget? The title says it all. Cincinnati held it’s first Startup Week!

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