Sarah Anderson to Take on Role of Director of Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund

Sarah Anderson, New Director of Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund

Today I announce with great pride Sarah Anderson’s selection as Principal to Director of the Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund. I want to share with you why I’m excited about this and what it means for Cintrifuse and the Syndicate Fund.

I joined this organization because I believe in the mission. But I wasn’t sure what was next for me. Another startup or run a venture fund? My honest answer was “I don’t know.” Cintrifuse provided me an opportunity to get re-engaged with Cincinnati’s startup community and help the organization start the right way from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

It was important to me to that I find someone that had the potential to grow into a larger, long-term role. Sarah had recently moved to Cincinnati and had the perfect background. She received her MBA at UCLA and had roles at RBC and JP Morgan in technology and media investment banking. She joined Cintrifuse in March 2013 and hit the ground running. She’s a very fast study and I’m a big believer in hiring great people and making yourself obsolete.

Thanks to everyone who made my experience great and join me in congratulating Sarah Anderson. We’re lucky to have her in #StartupCincy.
-Tim Schigel, Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund Manager

Sarah has many strengths that uniquely qualify her for this role. First, she’s an analytical thinker. Sarah is a skeptic by nature, and that’s a good thing. She’s not shy about asking tough questions. She digs in and pays attention to the details. She keeps the trains running on time as they say.

Sarah also seeks wise counsel. The fund has a great Advisory Board and Investment Committee and Sarah sourced some of its members. These folks have impressive CVs and that is a testament to her ability to surround herself with people who ask questions and challenge our thinking.

Finally, Sarah balances her analytical skill set with equally impressive social skills. She is a good communicator and is very good at building rapport and trusted relationships. Particularly within the venture community. The venture capital world is about partnerships and her ability to build relationships is invaluable.

Our investors and board have been very supportive of Sarah’s growth into this role. As we start to plan for Fund II you will see Sarah take on more external activities.

And where am I going? Nowhere.

As I said, I believe in our mission and I am proud of what we’ve done to date. In less than 3 years our startups raised over $80M through our investor network. That is 7 times the amount of capital we have deployed into 11 venture funds around the country.

Going forward I will be part-time versus full-time and will continue my responsibility as Syndicate Fund Manager working closely with Wendy Lea, as well as a board observer. I’ll also continue to work on Funding Connections with Kevin Mackey and his team.

Everyone at Cintrifuse is focused on leveraging the momentum we have, which includes planning for FounderCon later this year and looking to raise Cintrifuse’s second fund. My goal is to be involved in Cintrifuse for as long as the investors will have me.

I appreciate the Syndicate Fund’s board and investors for their support and encouragement and thank them for this opportunity. Thanks to everyone who made my experience great and join me in congratulating Sarah Anderson. We’re lucky to have her in #StartupCincy.

tim-schigel-syndicate-fund-announcement This is a guest post by Tim Schigel. Tim oversees the Cintrifuse Early Stage Capital Fund I, LLC, which invests in early-stage venture capital funds regionally and nationally. He is also no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship as chairman and founder of ShareThis, the world’s largest sharing network. He was previously with Blue Chip Venture Company, where he led the firm’s investment in marketing and technology leaders such as (AOL/TW), Nielsen Buzzmetrics (Nielsen) and Third Screen Media (AOL/TW).

You can find Tim on Twitter @schigel or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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