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  • soundstr-unionhall-success-story

    Union Hall Brings Entrepreneurs Together

    Soundstr recently announced a successful round of fundraising led by CincyTech. Which earns them a well-deserved congratulations. The company is on a mission to bring transparency to the music industry by tracking what songs venues play and making sure artists are compensated appropriately for their work. Soundstr also helps those same venues make more money […]

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  • from-bandmates-to-cofounders

    From Band Mates To Co-Founders – Stackerdecks’ Journey to #StartupCincy

    Born out of the idea that the slideshow is a fantastic way to more deeply engage audiences, Stackerdecks is a format to easily create those slideshows from not only images, but content found on social media and the web. But Stackerdecks doesn’t just make slideshows, they also make them distributable and embeddable – much like […]

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  • michelman

    Customer Connections Program Helps Mid Cap Companies Stay Innovative

    Steve Shifman, President and CEO of Michelman, wants his associates on the lookout for new technology all the time. That’s easier said than done however. As a mid cap advanced materials manufacturer, Michelman doesn’t have the resources that allow it to be in every startup ecosystem across the country. Which is why the Customer Connections […]

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  • ballonr-ixcincy-cintrifuse-success

    Connecting Entrepreneurs to Big Customers

    Baloonr Before Baloonr, Amanda Greenberg lived in Washington D.C. and was a consultant in the public health sector. Working with large federal agencies and on large teams, Amanda noticed that it was difficult for ideas to flourish in team environments. So she and Noah Bornstein created Baloonr, a cloud-based app that allows you to surface […]

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  • fanvester-successstory-cintrifuse

    Growing Cincinnati’s Entrepreneurs

    Fanvester Alex Yungvirt, Co-Founder of Fanvester, was recently accepted into UpTech’s 4th Cohort. The online platform allows users to source concerts, shows, and live entertainment events through crowdfunding. Fanvester builds relationships with venues, fans, and the additional parties involved in putting on a stellar production, making it easier than ever to host your favorite, concert, show, or […]

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  • MedaCheck Cintrifuse StartupCincy

    From Idea to Series A – Mentors Catalyze Growth

    Jeff Shepard, MedaCheck CEO, identified a $360 billion problem in the healthcare industry and set out to fix it. With the help of Cintrifuse, Jeff found mentors that helped him grow his company and eventually secure a Series A round for MedaCheck.

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  • Rod Robinson - ConnXus

    Connecting #StartupCincy Companies to BigCos Opens New Markets

    Exciting things have been happening for the team over at ConnXus. They recently announced a $2.5 million Series A round lead by Techstars Ventures. This is the first time Techstars has invested in our ecosystem and is a great example of how the Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund helps out #StartupCincy companies. With all the good news, […]

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  • funding-ebth

    Syndicate Fund Catalyzes $13 Million Investment

    Everything But The House (EBTH) is a revolutionary online estate and consignment sale company that combines the personal touch of a local business with the convenience and reach of a global e-commerce company. EBTH manages every aspect of an estate sale, from the initial assessment to the auction to the transaction on their flagship website. With their recent $30 Million Series B round and announcement that their HQ will be downtown, we wanted to take a look at how the Syndicate Fund helped EBTH with their Series A.

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  • Talent Hero

    A Big Solution for a Small Team

    Founded by Candice Peters and Amanda Kranias, Hello Parent is a mobile P2P application that connects parents to each other so they can organize events like play dates in a simple and orderly fashion. In 2014, Hello Parent was accepted into UpTech’s accelerator program and that’s when things started to move really fast for the […]

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