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    A Startup City 200 Years in the Making

    There’s an event happening next month that everyone in Greater Cincinnati should be proud of.  We’ve geared up and are in a major countdown for what many refer to as the All-Star Game of Entrepreneurship.  Our region is going to play host to over 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors and business builders from the Techstars network who […]

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  • cintrifuse-foundercon-cincinnati-startupcincy

    FounderCon is Almost Here!

    Techstars’ annual FounderCon reunion (links to free parties below) is right around the corner. Our StartupCincy team is gearing up for the event October 17-19 and wanted to make sure you had details on how/when you can get involved! First off, who is Techstars? Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies […]

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  • NewCo-Cincinnati-2016

    NewCo is Back!

    On Thursday, July 21, 2016, Cincinnati will host the second annual NewCo Festival. The event is an opportunity to engage and interact with some of Cincinnati’s most interesting companies: startups, breweries, makers, and agencies. NewCo celebrates organizations on a mission, connecting its audiences to the stories shaping business and society. It’s your chance to get […]

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  • soundstr-unionhall-success-story

    Union Hall Brings Entrepreneurs Together

    Soundstr recently announced a successful round of fundraising led by CincyTech. Which earns them a well-deserved congratulations. The company is on a mission to bring transparency to the music industry by tracking what songs venues play and making sure artists are compensated appropriately for their work. Soundstr also helps those same venues make more money […]

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  • 10-tips-on-how-to-take-advantage-of-startupcincy

    10 Tips on How to Take Advantage of #StartupCincy

    This is a guest post by Anthony Breen “How did you get involved in the Cincinnati start-up community?” #StartupCincy is a collaborative community that fosters entrepreneurial success, while maintaining a competitive atmosphere. Like most entrepreneurs, I get asked this question all the time. Just a few years ago I was asking myself the same thing […]

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  • Unicorn-Employees-Don't-Exist

    Unicorn Employees Don’t Exist

    This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. In the startup sector, we have two types of unicorns. The first is a company that manages to raise money at a billion dollar plus valuation. The second unicorn is the unicorn hire. Unicorn hires are mythological job descriptions for individuals that don’t exist. I see the […]

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  • buid-you-startup-assembly-line

    Build Your Startup Assembly Line

    This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. Ford Motor Company was a startup. The dawn of the internal combustion engine launched the founding of car companies. Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, General Motors, and many others were startups in workshops and garages. Henry Ford started out tinkering, prototyping, and shipping his first cars, just like […]

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  • customer-zero

    Customer Zero – The Birth of a Product

    Let me tell you a little story about the birth of a product. The year was 2000, and a group approached us about their website. In 2000 we did web design when web design was still expensive and new. This group had a website that they needed to update, allow other people to update, and […]

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  • from-bandmates-to-cofounders

    From Band Mates To Co-Founders – Stackerdecks’ Journey to #StartupCincy

    Born out of the idea that the slideshow is a fantastic way to more deeply engage audiences, Stackerdecks is a format to easily create those slideshows from not only images, but content found on social media and the web. But Stackerdecks doesn’t just make slideshows, they also make them distributable and embeddable – much like […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-4-8-2016

    Travel Notes Aquired – CompleteSet Raises Second Round of Funding: This Week in #StartupCincy

    There was good news for UpTech graduate Travel Notes this week. The company announced it was acquired by Silicon Valley based Travel Notes is an app that communicates users’ travel plans to financial institutions to prevent credit cards from being declined abroad. To read more check out Andy Brownfield’s write up in the Courier. […]

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  • build-a-better-mouse-trap-interview-with-mark-achler

    Build a Better Mouse Trap – Interview with Mark Achler

    Mark Achler is one of the founders of MATH Venture Partners. He has had an eclectic career as a serial entrepreneur – building four companies. He also served as a senior executive and head of innovation at Redbox. This is Mark’s third venture fund making him an investor with experience on both sides of the table. […]

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  • this-week-startup-cincy-talks about diversity

    This Week In #StartupCincy We Talk About Diversity

    This week, #StartupCincy came together to have a discussion about diversity in our ecosystem. The first ever Future History Now event took place on February 25 at Union Hall and brought together a diverse crowd to hear from two equally diverse panels consisting of minority business leaders, investors and diversity champions from Cincinnati’s BigCos. It […]

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  • atumsoft-cintrifuse-startup-spotlight

    There and Back Again: Atumsoft’s Journey from #StartupCincy to Global Demo Day

    Midwest entrepreneurs solve problems. And not problems like “How to make noodle soup” but problems like “How do we make industrial chemistry labs more efficient.” Granted the later problem isn’t as sexy (or as tasty) as an app that tells you how to make miso but it’s a real problem. It’s also the problem Olivier […]

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  • senator-rob-portman-union-hall-cincinnati-queen-city-mobile-summit

    Casamatic Lands Investment and The Queen City Mobile Summit Comes to Union Hall – This Week in #StartupCincy

    There was good news this week on the funding front with Casamatic landing investment from Dayton-based Accelerant. A graduate of both OCEAN and The Brandery, Casamatic aims to change the way millennials find and buy homes. This investment will help the company with their goal to expand into 20 real estate markets in the mid-term. […]

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  • BGV-launch-party-2-3-2016

    Bad Girl Ventures Unveils Latest Cincinnati Class

    Bad Girl Ventures  (BGV) officially announced its latest Cincinnati class last night, February 3, 2016. Nancy Aichholz, BGV, Inc. Executive Director for Cincinnati, kicked the evening off with a little information about what BGV stands for and how it works. Wendy Lea followed Nancy with some inspirational words and an assurance that #StartupCincy is here for anyone brave enough […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-1-29-2016

    GCVA Gets New Leaderships – General Nano Goes to Space: This Week in #StartupCincy

    This week in #StartupCincy the GCVA saw a change in leadership. Previous President Vance VanDrake handed the reigns over to Kevin Mackey, Cintrifuse’s Startup advocate. Moving forward, Kevin hopes to strengthen the organization by focusing its efforts on promotion and education for early-stage startups. There was also some exciting media coverage for our startup ecosystem. […]

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  • StartupCincy-by-the-numbers-2

    #StartupCincy by the Numbers 2.0

    When I joined Cintrifuse as an intern last semester it was a fantastic learning experience to be immersed in all things #StartupCincy! Among the many initiatives I helped the Cintrifuse team with, one was taking a census of our ecosystem. As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I found the results of our survey fascinating. This effort […]

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  • this-week-in-startup-cincy-1-22-2015

    Big Announcements for #StartupCincy

    The big news this week was the announcement that #StartupCincy will play host to Techstars’ 2016 FounderCon. Getting this event is a huge win for our ecosystem and will bring 1000’s of startup founders, mentors and BigCos to our region. Stay tuned as we get closer to Fall for more details. Outside of that, our […]

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  • ey-startup-ecosystem-power-5

    Accelerating start-up ecosystems with the “Power of 5”

    This article originally appeared in Volume 7 Issue 4 of the EY Performance Journal. It was written by Sara Fang, David Fawley, Sanjay Konanahalli, and Brittany Hill with key contributions from Wendy Lea and Patrick Venturella. The original article can be found here. Building start-up ecosystems requires specific economic actors to equally and mutually support each other. Start-ups, corporations, […]

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  • bigco-to-newco-2015

    From BigCo to NewCo – Four #StartupCincy Entrepreneurs Who Got Their Start in a Corporation

    The job from a cushy corporate job to the chaotic world of startups can seem intimidating and impossible. But these four #StartupCincy founders proved that it’s easier than you think.

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  • Startup-Cincy-by-the-Numbers2

    #StartupCincy by the Numbers – Funding Situation Analysis

    Part 3 in Kevin Mackey’s #StartupCincy by the Numbers delves into our ecosystem’s funding situation. Our needs, our challenges and what we’re doing to overcome the region’s gap in investment dollars.

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  • Startup-Cincy-by-the-Numbers2

    #StartupCincy By The Numbers Part 2 – The Data

    Kevin Mackey crunches the numbers and drills down into the data behind #StartupCincy.

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  • Startup-Cincy-by-the-Numbers2

    #StartupCincy By The Numbers Part 1 – Green Monsters

    What is #StartupCincy? It’s a good questions and we wanted to know the answer. In part one of this four part series we talk about our “Green Monster” and the initial effort to paint a quantifiable picture of Cincinnati’s startup community.

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  • startupcincy-logo

    5 Momentum Builders for #StartupCincy

    With our latest investment in Techstars Ventures, we take a look at five things that helped #StartupCincy build momentum.

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