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  • deb-gabor-brand-storytelling-cintrifuse

    Brand Storytelling isn’t Telling the Story of Your Brand – It IS Your Brand

    This is a repost from Sol Marketing’s Blog. Click here for the original article.  Storytelling is the latest buzzword kicking around ad and brand strategy agencies all over the world. People often misuse the term brand storytelling to describe stories about a brand. Actually, a true brand story originates from its story platform – the […]

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  • 10-tips-on-how-to-take-advantage-of-startupcincy

    10 Tips on How to Take Advantage of #StartupCincy

    This is a guest post by Anthony Breen “How did you get involved in the Cincinnati start-up community?” #StartupCincy is a collaborative community that fosters entrepreneurial success, while maintaining a competitive atmosphere. Like most entrepreneurs, I get asked this question all the time. Just a few years ago I was asking myself the same thing […]

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  • Focus-on-Your-Core-Product-Solve-Your-Core-Market-Problem

    Focus on Your Core Product – Solve Your Core Market Problem

    This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. My high school job was in building maintenance. I worked on fixing and maintaining industrial buildings. One summer, my boss gave me a week long work assignment. I was to go and paint, by hand, an insane length of curb yellow. He gave me all the equipment […]

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  • pick-a-stack-any-stack

    Pick A Stack, Any Stack

    This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. Every sector has a “tastes great, less filling” argument. PC vs Mac. For startups, tech stacks fall into this category. Tech stack discussions drive quiet people into a bloodthirsty rage. Everyone seems to have an idea on the tech stack they love. Anyone in the startup world […]

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  • Unicorn-Employees-Don't-Exist

    Unicorn Employees Don’t Exist

    This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. In the startup sector, we have two types of unicorns. The first is a company that manages to raise money at a billion dollar plus valuation. The second unicorn is the unicorn hire. Unicorn hires are mythological job descriptions for individuals that don’t exist. I see the […]

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  • buid-you-startup-assembly-line

    Build Your Startup Assembly Line

    This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. Ford Motor Company was a startup. The dawn of the internal combustion engine launched the founding of car companies. Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, General Motors, and many others were startups in workshops and garages. Henry Ford started out tinkering, prototyping, and shipping his first cars, just like […]

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  • 5-things-a-startup-should-consider-before-signing-an-NDA

    Can you keep a secret? 5 things a startup should consider before signing an NDA

    This is a guest post by Tom Stasi, Associate at Taft Law Most entrepreneurs understand that their company’s main value is derived from its intellectual property, whether it be an algorithm, trade secret, etc., but it may be less obvious as to how to keep that information confidential. When engaging or collaborating with third parties, […]

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  • how-your-startup-will-die

    How Your Startup Will Die

    Why do startups fail? This question is almost the “tastes great, less filling” conversation of the startup scene. Startups fail. We know this from watching big rounds go nowhere and accelerator graduates never cross the valley of death. (The valley of death is between Seed and Series A. Most people never make it.) When a […]

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  • customer-zero

    Customer Zero – The Birth of a Product

    Let me tell you a little story about the birth of a product. The year was 2000, and a group approached us about their website. In 2000 we did web design when web design was still expensive and new. This group had a website that they needed to update, allow other people to update, and […]

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  • prototyping

    What Makes a Good Prototype

    It was the dark days of Microsoft Access. In the early 2000’s, MS Access was the primary database software people used to build what we call apps. Access had the ability to run a database and a user interface built with Visual Studio. Businesses that needed something to handle a unique need often turned to […]

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  • bootstraping-your-digital-footprint

    Bootstraping A Large Digital Footprint

    I’m lucky enough to be part of the Cintrifuse advisor network. As an advisor, I work with earlier stage startups. I love the chaos, creativity, and passion I see in people at this stage. The hard part as an advisor is helping people focus on the few things that matter. So what matters? For early stage […]

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  • zero-to-mvp

    Stop Asking for Money and Focus on Customers

    I hear lots of questions from lots of startups. The hardest question everyone has is the same. “How do I raise money?” Almost all startups need to raise money. We measure startups in the amount of money they raise, and at what valuation. We hear about funds being raised and opened to invest in startups. […]

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  • lead-investor-panel-disscusion-cintrifuse

    So You Need A Lead Investor – Fireside Chat with Kevin Willer and Jere Doyle

    You’ve been pitching investors and getting good feedback but no one is ready to cut checks until you find a lead investor. It’s a challenge that many Cintrifuse startups stated as one of their biggest problems. That’s why we invited Kevin Willer, Partner at Chicago Ventures, and Jere Doyle, Managing Director at Sigma Prime Ventures, […]

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  • build-a-better-mouse-trap-interview-with-mark-achler

    Build a Better Mouse Trap – Interview with Mark Achler

    Mark Achler is one of the founders of MATH Venture Partners. He has had an eclectic career as a serial entrepreneur – building four companies. He also served as a senior executive and head of innovation at Redbox. This is Mark’s third venture fund making him an investor with experience on both sides of the table. […]

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  • plymouth-ventures-feature-image

    Midwest Entrepreneurs: Thoughtful, Serious and No Bullshit

    Plymouth Ventures is a growth-stage venture capital firm out of Ann Arbor Michigan. They describe themselves as a regional growth-stage fund meaning they only invest in the Midwest. More specifically, what they call the “Great Lakes” – as far west as Madison, as far east as Pittsburgh and as far south as Cincinnati. They also […]

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  • PATH-ACt-Cintrifuse-StartupCIncy

    What Startups Need to Know about The PATH Act

    The new tax law, Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act), that was signed into law late last year included provisions that resulted in several important incentives for businesses and their owners, especially early stage and start up companies. At the top of the list is the research and development tax credit (R&D […]

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  • NBC-The-A-Team

    5 Ways #StartupCincy Can Hire Their A-Team

    Michelle Joseph, CEO of PeopleFoundry and Andy Neilsen, CEO of Everything But The House, spoke to #StartupCincy about how to build your very own startup A-Team. Michelle discussed some best practices around hiring and recruiting for startups. Andy talked about how EBTH implemented those practices. The duo covered a lot of ground throughout the Q&A session so here’s five […]

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  • cintrifuse lisa stone startupcincy

    Community Building With Lisa Stone

    Lisa Stone, co-founder and former CEO of BlogHer and current Chief Community Officer of She Knows Media, spoke to #StartupCincy’s female entrepreneurs. Lisa shared her entrepreneurial story and talked about how building a community and uncovering advocates you never knew you had can help grow your brand, company or movement. Where are the Women Who Blog? […]

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  • Ed Allie

    The Comfortably Uncomfortable Arena

    Ed Allie had a 17 year long career at P&G and then he wanted a change of pace. In this article, Ed talks about his journey from P&G to his current role as Insights Manager at P&G.

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  • chicago-ventures-interview-cintrifuse

    The Strength of Midwest Startups – Interview with Chicago Ventures

    Chicago Ventures recently made a trip to Cincinnati for an Immersion Day. While they were here, we had the chance to sit down with Stuart Larkins and Kevin Willer. Stuart and Kevin are both Partners with the firm and they both oversee all aspects of Chicago Ventures including fund management, deal sourcing, investments and working […]

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  • arthur-ventures-logo

    Turning Customers into Evangelists and Attracting Talent – Interview with Patrick Meenan

    Patrick Meenan, Partner at Arthur Ventures, recently visited Cincinnati as part of an Immersion Day. Cintrifuse sat down and talked to him about his firm, their portfolio companies and how customers can be a startups most effective sales force.

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  • nancy-duarte

    Nancy Duarte – A Story Teller’s Journey

    Nancy Duarte talks about the evolution of her design firm, Duarte, and how becoming a storyteller can drastically improve your business.

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  • ben-casnocha

    The Future of Work – Ben Casnocha

    This past Tuesday, May 19th, #StartupCincy’s HR leaders heard about the future of employee-employer relations from co-author of The Alliance – Managing Talent in The Networked Age, Ben Casnocha. In his talk, Ben described how the traditional “family” relationship between employers and employees is broken. Because companies no longer have the resources to fulfill the “family” relationship, more […]

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  • HireWheel Listing Photo

    Startup Spotlight – Hirewheel

    Matt Lenahan, HireWheel CEO, talks about how his company helps homeowners find qualified contractors and about his experience as an entrepreneur.

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  • Busta Rhyme Christmas party

    How Your Startup Can Throw A Busta Rhymes Christmas Party

    When people talk about the benefits to having your startup in the Midwest the same thing comes up time and time again. Cost-of-living. Everyone talks about it, but no one puts it in perspective. So what can your startup save by being in Cincinnati? Well let’s look at the cost of one developer. In San Francisco the […]

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