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  • if-then-riff-future-of-startupcincy-cintrifuse

    FounderCon and the Future of StartupCincy

    This post originally appeared on Tim Schigel’s blog If Then Riff. To see the original post, click here. On September 21st, we had a big week with the Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund Annual Meeting. As many of you know, this meeting would be my last as Fund Manager. I couldn’t help but to sit back and […]

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  • cintrifuse-startupcincy-ixhealth-2016

    Innovation and Healthcare – IX Health 2016

    September 29, 2016 saw the second annual Innovation Xchange Healthcare Edition. Payors, providers, employers and startups converged on Union Hall for a round of talks and breakout session all devoted to the future of healthcare. Aaron McKethan, Co-Founder of RxAnte, kicked off the morning with a talk around the industry and what steps it can […]

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  • cintrifuse-annual-meeting-2016

    Building an Active Network – Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund Annual Meeting 2016

    On September 21, 2016, the Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund had its third annual meeting. Startups, venture capitalists, BigCos and other ecosystem partners gathered together in Union Hall to celebrate the successes of the Syndicate Fund and to layout the vision for the future. Sarah Anderson, Director of the Syndicate Fund, started off by giving a state […]

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  • cintrifuse-wendy-lea-cincinnati-ecosystem

    A Startup City 200 Years in the Making

    There’s an event happening next month that everyone in Greater Cincinnati should be proud of.  We’ve geared up and are in a major countdown for what many refer to as the All-Star Game of Entrepreneurship.  Our region is going to play host to over 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors and business builders from the Techstars network who […]

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  • cintrifuse-foundercon-cincinnati-startupcincy

    FounderCon is Almost Here!

    Techstars’ annual FounderCon reunion (links to free parties below) is right around the corner. Our StartupCincy team is gearing up for the event October 17-19 and wanted to make sure you had details on how/when you can get involved! First off, who is Techstars? Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies […]

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  • cintrifuse-thursday-sessions-blog-post

    What is going on Thursdays at Union Hall?

    Glad you asked! One of the best resources for startups is other entrepreneurs! While entrepreneurial relationships may not be prioritized in a world where rapid growth and raising the next round are often top of mind, the power of a strong entrepreneurial network can yield unexpected outcomes. With this in mind, the vertical specific meet-up […]

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  • NewCo-Creative-Track

    Creative Track – NewCo Cincy

    Feeling like feeding your creative side on July 21? Then we have the track for you. In the Creative Track participants can hear from Cincinnati’s leading creative agencies and art institutions. You can find out what seahorses, tires and pizza have in common at Topic Design’s session. Or you can head to Epipheo and learn […]

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  • StartupCincy-TownHall

    StartupCincy is Just Getting Started

    June 15, 2016 saw the first ever StartupCincy Town Hall. Ecosystem stake holders filled Braxton Brewery in NKY to see the next evolution of our community and our movement. The evening’s take-away:  we’re just getting started. So buckle up, its going to be a wild ride. Our community is united, vibrant and gaining momentum daily. […]

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  • NewCo-Get-Tickets

    Building Ohio’s Tech Based Economy – IXCincy

    Economies require two things – supply and demand. So when we think about building a technology economy in Greater Cincinnati and in Ohio, it’s paramount that we think about our supply (startups) and our demand (customers). And IXCincy is one of the best tools we have to build this economy. On June 15th 2016, Cintrifuse […]

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  • NewCo-NKY-Hero

    Distilleries, Creatives and BioTech – NewCo NKY

    There’s a lot of amazing stuff happening across the river in StartupCincy. NewCo in NKY features some of our ecosystem’s most exciting support orgs, startups and makers. Take a trip over the Ohio River and hear from Grainwell who reuses materials and makes them into beautiful products. You can learn about what goes into the ultimate […]

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  • newco-otr

    Makers, Art Orgs and Tech – NewCo OTR

    Home to Union Hall, the epicenter of StartupCincy, NewCo in OTR is an eclectic mix of makers, entrepreneurs and art organizations. In Over-The-Rhine you can start your day learning from Elementz about how to build identity and grit through Hip Hop. Then you can head over to Roadtripper’s office and hear about the journey of one of […]

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  • NewCo-Cincinnati-2016

    NewCo is Back!

    On Thursday, July 21, 2016, Cincinnati will host the second annual NewCo Festival. The event is an opportunity to engage and interact with some of Cincinnati’s most interesting companies: startups, breweries, makers, and agencies. NewCo celebrates organizations on a mission, connecting its audiences to the stories shaping business and society. It’s your chance to get […]

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  • this-week-in-startup-cincy

    MedaCheck Announces Partnership with GrandView Health – Foundry Group Invests $8 Million in MakeTime. This Week in #StartupCincy

    The team at MedaCheck announced a partnership with GrandView Health this week. The partnership focuses on improving transitional care and allows GrandView Health to offer teleheath technology. For more about the partnership check out this article. MakeTime also had some big news this week. The manufacturing platform that allows suppliers to monetize capacity from idle […]

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  • ocean-demo-day-this-week-in-startup-cincy

    Ocean Demo Day – This Week in #StartupCincy

    This Thursday, April 28, #StartupCincy was treated to Ocean Accelerator’s second demo day. And the folks at Ocean did not disappoint. Just like last year the production was top notch and the companies all had engaging, interesting pitches. You can check out the full list of companies below. Devoo – Making it easy to find […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-4-22-2016

    Frameri Lands Partnership with Hoya Vision, UpTech Holds Community Grill Out – This Week in #StartupCincy

    This week Frameri announced a partnership with the Japanese company Hoya Vision Care. The partnership allows independent eye practices that have accounts with Hoya to carry Frameri frames and open up the potential for international expansion. To read more about the partnership check out Andy Brownfield’s article in the Courier. Also this week, First Batch […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-4-15-2016

    #StartupCincy Goes to Silicon Valley, Cincy Tech Raises New Fund – This Week in #StartupCincy

    #StartupCincy hit the road this week. Startups and local investors took a trip to Silicon Valley to share ideas and pitch potential investors. We’ll have to wait to hear all the good things that came of the visit but judging from the Twitter feed it was a more than productive trip. CincyTech also announced it […]

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  • artswave-hackathon

    The Arts Meet Tech – #StartupCincy’s First Arts Hackathon

    It was a busy weekend here at Union Hall. We saw Cincinnati’s first ever arts hackathon. And it was amazing. Over 100 people and 11 teams all got to hack their way through challenges presented by Cincinnati’s arts organizations. Things got kicked off Friday night when the individual arts organizations pitched their challenges to the […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-4-8-2016

    Travel Notes Aquired – CompleteSet Raises Second Round of Funding: This Week in #StartupCincy

    There was good news for UpTech graduate Travel Notes this week. The company announced it was acquired by Silicon Valley based Travel Notes is an app that communicates users’ travel plans to financial institutions to prevent credit cards from being declined abroad. To read more check out Andy Brownfield’s write up in the Courier. […]

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  • pg-purchaser-immersion-day

    Helping BigCos Work with Startups – P&G Purchaser Immersion Day

    Union Hall was packed with P&Ger’s yesterday. The folks from Procter & Gamble’s purchasing department came to Cincinnati’s innovation hub to hear from startups and to learn how to incorporate a “startup mentality” into their current roles. The audience heard from six startups, Healthy Nation, Baloonr, ChoreMonster, ConnXus, Baterii and Ahalogy, that each shared their own experience […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-3-18-2016

    HCDC Hosts First Business Showcase and Cintrifuse Announces New Syndicate Fund Director – This Week in #StartupCincy

    HCDC held its first ever Business Showcase and Innovation Village this week. The event was a great opportunity to see some of #StartupCincy’s maker’s and creators. As well as startups in the tech and software space. It was fun to get a peek at some of the amazing companies coming out of the business incubator. […]

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  • HCDC-Business-Showcase-and-Innovation-village

    HCDC Business Showcase & Innovation Village

    Sometimes we get wrapped up in the digital world and forget there are companies in #StartupCincy doing amazing things besides developing software. Things like making carbon nanotubes that NASA will use for satellites. Which is why it was great to see HCDC host their first ever Business Showcase and Innovation Village. The event was a good opportunity to see some […]

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  • syndicate-fund-annoucement

    Sarah Anderson to Take on Role of Director of Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund

    Today I announce with great pride Sarah Anderson’s selection as Principal to Director of the Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund. I want to share with you why I’m excited about this and what it means for Cintrifuse and the Syndicate Fund. I joined this organization because I believe in the mission. But I wasn’t sure what was next […]

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  • plymouth-ventures-feature-image

    NewCo Opens up Applications for Host Companies – This Week in #StartupCincy

    NewCo Cincy is 132 days away and we need host companies. NewCo invites Cincinnati companies to open their doors and share their innovation story. NewCos are on a mission to change the world, they are enablers, not gatekeepers. NewCos believe in open collaboration with customers, suppliers, employees, and their community. NewCos also believe in transparent communication, […]

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  • ross-baird-villcap-cincinnati-announcement

    Village Capital Announces Cincinnati as a VilCap Community

    Village Capital, a leader in global entrepreneur support and startup investment, today announced the creation of VilCap Communities, a program to help regions often underserved by the mainstream investment capital across the U.S. find, train and invest in startups using Village Capital’s peer selection methodology, which levels the playing field for entrepreneurs, and a national […]

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  • talking-IoT-with-Charlie-Key

    Talking IoT with Charlie Key

    The term Internet of Things (IoT) was coined around 2000 and centers on the idea of taking some hardware, some software, giving them connectivity and using data gathered by these devices to glean actionable insights into our lives and businesses. Which sounds simple enough. But, the IoT industry has grown substantially in the last five […]

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