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  • cintrifuse-spry-labs-humana-data-jam-2016

    Spry Labs Partners with Humana to Host Data Jam

    Spry Labs held their first ever Data Jam this past week. Partnering with Humana, Spry invited 6 teams from as far away as Washington, D.C. to participate. So what is a Data Jam? And why would we partner with Humana to have one? Different than a hackathon, which is typically open to participants from the community, a Data […]

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  • cintrifuse-startupcincy-ixhealth-2016

    Innovation and Healthcare – IX Health 2016

    September 29, 2016 saw the second annual Innovation Xchange Healthcare Edition. Payors, providers, employers and startups converged on Union Hall for a round of talks and breakout session all devoted to the future of healthcare. Aaron McKethan, Co-Founder of RxAnte, kicked off the morning with a talk around the industry and what steps it can […]

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  • newco-recap-featuredimage

    Another Great Year for NewCo Cincy!

    July 21, 2016 was quite a day for StartupCincy. Our ecosystem hosted the second annual NewCo Cincy and it was an amazing day. Over 90 host companies opened their doors and welcomed over 900 people from Cincinnati’s business community into their spaces. There were plenty of exciting sessions. Everything from the creative presentations like The Art […]

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  • pg-purchaser-immersion-day

    Helping BigCos Work with Startups – P&G Purchaser Immersion Day

    Union Hall was packed with P&Ger’s yesterday. The folks from Procter & Gamble’s purchasing department came to Cincinnati’s innovation hub to hear from startups and to learn how to incorporate a “startup mentality” into their current roles. The audience heard from six startups, Healthy Nation, Baloonr, ChoreMonster, ConnXus, Baterii and Ahalogy, that each shared their own experience […]

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  • ross-baird-villcap-cincinnati-announcement

    Village Capital Announces Cincinnati as a VilCap Community

    Village Capital, a leader in global entrepreneur support and startup investment, today announced the creation of VilCap Communities, a program to help regions often underserved by the mainstream investment capital across the U.S. find, train and invest in startups using Village Capital’s peer selection methodology, which levels the playing field for entrepreneurs, and a national […]

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  • StartupCincy-by-the-numbers-2

    #StartupCincy by the Numbers 2.0

    When I joined Cintrifuse as an intern last semester it was a fantastic learning experience to be immersed in all things #StartupCincy! Among the many initiatives I helped the Cintrifuse team with, one was taking a census of our ecosystem. As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I found the results of our survey fascinating. This effort […]

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  • ey-startup-ecosystem-power-5

    Accelerating start-up ecosystems with the “Power of 5”

    This article originally appeared in Volume 7 Issue 4 of the EY Performance Journal. It was written by Sara Fang, David Fawley, Sanjay Konanahalli, and Brittany Hill with key contributions from Wendy Lea and Patrick Venturella. The original article can be found here. Building start-up ecosystems requires specific economic actors to equally and mutually support each other. Start-ups, corporations, […]

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  • union-hall-startupcincy

    Union Hall – A Dynamic Center of Gravity for Entrepreneurs

    This is a transcript of Tom WIlliams’ speech from the Union Hall ribbon cutting where he laid out his vision for the future of the building and for Cincinnati.

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  • crosscut-ventures-logo

    Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund Invests in Crosscut Ventures

    The Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund recently invested in a leader in consumer-focused innovation – Crosscut Ventures. Find out why this is good news for #StartupCincy.

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  • greenmonster2.0

    #StartupCincy by the Numbers Part IV – Green Monster 2.0 and What’s Next for Cintrifuse

    In Kevin Mackey’s fourth and final blog on #StartupCIncy by the numbers, he gives an overview of our ecosystem’s partners and what role they play. Kevin also outlines Cintrifuse’s future and what our focus will be moving forward.

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  • Startup-Cincy-by-the-Numbers2

    #StartupCincy by the Numbers – Funding Situation Analysis

    Part 3 in Kevin Mackey’s #StartupCincy by the Numbers delves into our ecosystem’s funding situation. Our needs, our challenges and what we’re doing to overcome the region’s gap in investment dollars.

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  • Startup-Cincy-by-the-Numbers2

    #StartupCincy By The Numbers Part 2 – The Data

    Kevin Mackey crunches the numbers and drills down into the data behind #StartupCincy.

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  • Startup-Cincy-by-the-Numbers2

    #StartupCincy By The Numbers Part 1 – Green Monsters

    What is #StartupCincy? It’s a good questions and we wanted to know the answer. In part one of this four part series we talk about our “Green Monster” and the initial effort to paint a quantifiable picture of Cincinnati’s startup community.

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  • Cintrifuse Fund of Fund Atlas Ventures

    Cintrifuse Fund Update – Fund of Funds Invests in Atlas Venture

    The Cintrifuse Fund recently invested in a leader in biotech innovation, Atlas Ventures. Find out why this is good news for Cincinnati’s startup community.

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  • What Is The Fund of Funds? A Straight-Forward Guide to a Complex Financial Instrument.

    With 25 startups coming into Cincinnati this week we wanted to take this opportunity to explain one of the tools that makes IX Cincy possible – The Cintrifuse Fund

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  • startupcincy-logo

    5 Momentum Builders for #StartupCincy

    With our latest investment in Techstars Ventures, we take a look at five things that helped #StartupCincy build momentum.

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