• Cintrifuse Venture Mentoring Service (VMS)

    What It Is

    VMS is Cintrifuse’s program that provides long-term mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. The program matches some of the most successful business leaders in the region with the most ambitious entrepreneurs. This program is focused on developing entrepreneurs that in turn build successful ventures – whether it’s their current venture or a future one.

    Why VMS Exists

    Entrepreneurs develop greater skill by engaging experienced professionals who have faced many of their same challenges. The need for mentorship is great, but so is the need for an effective structure to deliver it. Modeled after MIT’s successful VMS program, and supported by the Cincinnati Regional Business Committee, the Cintrifuse VMS program employs the same trusted approach of team mentoring to best serve our city’s business community.

    Meeting went VERY well. Love the mentors. Excited to hear their advice/feedback moving forward.

    – Entrepreneur

    Unlike 1-on-1 mentoring, this team format leverages shared expertise, provides multiple viewpoints, and builds in long-term consistency enabling entrepreneurs to make critical business decisions with as much information and foresight as possible. At the same time, mentors themselves benefit from a shared load while getting the opportunity to interact among fellow mentors with similar passion.

    From our perspective, they pointed out several interesting considerations about our business that we hadn’t considered before – a few of which we’ll definitely be digging into further.

    – Entrepreneur

    How It’s Structured

    Frank Wood mentoring co-director

    Frank Wood, CEO, Secret Communications

    Jack Cassidy mentoring co-director

    Jack Cassidy, President & CEO, Retired, Cincinnati Bell

    Entrepreneurs align with a team of mentors who will advise on the most pressing needs of the new venture. In addition to the mentoring sessions, the VMS program holds monthly events for mentors to foster networking, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas in a confidential environment. This format allows the flexibility needed to shift with the needs of each entrepreneur, delivering help for mentees from whomever is best equipped to provide it.

    Meetings were VERY Productive. I’m really looking forward to having access to the experience from this great team.

    – Entrepreneur

    How To Participate

    Cintrifuse is constantly on the lookout for new mentors and ventures to be part of our mentoring program. While our application process is always open, we will roll-out two classes per year.

    If you want to be a mentor, click Become A Mentor below. If you want to be mentored as a part of the program and you’re not already a member of Cintrifuse, click Member Signup and you’ll be directed to our application. Current Cintrifuse members should reach out to the member coordinator and let them know you’d like to be considered for the next mentor class.

    • Expectations of Mentors

      • Monthly time commitment to mentees
      • Attend monthly peer mentor meetings
      • Give unbiased advice
      • Be tactful and constructive
      • Abide by program rules

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    • Expectations Of Mentees

      • Commit towards learning, progressing, and building their business
      • Do the work – drive the process
      • Engage in a communicative / responsive manner
      • Be transparent with mentors – they can only help when they know
      • Abide by program rules

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