Advisor FAQs

What is an “advisor”?

Someone that has an extensive set of experiences, sometimes in a particular field that has volunteered to work closely with a Cintrifuse startup.

What type of advisor is Cintrifuse looking for?

Every kind.

Our entrepreneurs have big ideas they want to turn into a profitable business venture and that takes a lot of know-how. Whether your expertise is in sales & marketing, programming, finance, patents and intellectual property, HR, or industry-specific, we recognize the value of diversity in our members and encourage everyone to apply.

What types of businesses will I be advising?

StartupCincy’s entrepreneurs are the most scalable and innovative companies in the Greater Cincinnati Region. They represent many different verticals and we will match you with startups based on their need and your expertise.

What is expected of me as an advisor?

Time and passion are all that is required.

An advisor will often engage in weekly or bi-weekly updates, as well as general brainstorming and targeted problem-solving sessions .

David Cohen, founder, Managing Partner, and CEO of TechStars, the #1 ranked Internet startup accelerator in the world, identified a set of behaviors that exemplify great mentoring. The Mentor Manifesto is a powerful piece of thought leadership, so we hope you take a moment to check it out.

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