On-Demand Subject Matter Experts

New Businesses Generate New Questions

And our experts have the answers. Cintrifuse’s On-Demand Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide members with education and relevant advice from service providers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Cintrifuse’s SME On-Demand Program helps member entrepreneurs get answers to their tough questions exactly when they need it.

Subject Matter Experts On-Demand

Entrepreneurs need to do as much as possible with the resources they have. So we provide our members access to the guidance and advice they require to get to the next level.

Have a legal question about IP or maybe you need some quick accounting advice? Our network of experts is here to answer your toughest questions.

How It Works

This program is ideal for Cintrifuse entrepreneurs who are facing a specific business challenge and need immediate advice.

Our advisor network is a flexible, 1:1 advisor-matching program intended for entrepreneurs with a certain need. The “on-demand” nature of this program gives startups the flexibility to meet or speak with an expert over one or two meetings to get the answers they need.

If this sounds like you and you’re already a Cintrifuse member, then contact your member liaison to be matched with an SME. If you’re not a member, then learn more about joining Cintrifuse!

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