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Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund

Our syndicate fund invests in early-stage venture capital funds outside of Cincinnati – generating investment and interest in the region while increasing the invest-able capital available to Cincinnati startups.

Its goals are to create strong financial returns for its corporate Limited Partners, be a force multiplier for Greater Cincinnati’s economic development efforts and to build an Active Network of investors that Cincinnati startups can utilize.

Creating Value for the Region

The Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund is a network and platform that provides a triple net bottom line for investors and Greater Cincinnati’s startup community. The fund gives corporate investors a national innovation pipeline and access to over 400 startups. It creates a network of venture capital funds that generates investment in Cincinnati startups. And it creates attractive financial returns for its Limited Partners.

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Advisory Board

  • Don Wathen

  • Mark Mumford

  • Maribeth Rahe

  • Oliver Hoeltje

  • Karl Scheer

Investment Committee

  • Astrid Noltemy

  • Chris Rizik

  • Donald Lothrop

  • James Burns

Our Active Network

The layers in our network are always interacting, forming connections that disrupt.

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