Miami students crush expectations, capture 2nd in global finals

    The Miami University team in the 2017 Venture Capital Investment Competition shattered expectations and placed second in the global finals at UNC Chapel Hill on Saturday – completing an already wildly successful run that included a first place finish in the regional finals in early March. Along the way, the team of undergraduates beat out […]

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  • healthverity

    Data Jam II is in the books!

    A word from our Spry Labs Managing Director. That’s a wrap on Spry Labs’ March 2017 Data Jam with Humana – the second of its kind in less than a year! It was fast. It was high-energy. The process wasn’t even necessarily “clean.” But that’s exactly what we had in mind for Humana. After their […]

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  • 11308365144_b4a0a086b6_b

    IXCincy 2017: Our Keynote Speaker

    In 2016, we freshened up our approach to Innovation Xchange (aka IXCincy) our signature event pairing corporate innovation leaders with startups from across the country. We built a new structure for our BigCos to source problems with our Active Network and held an event that was talked about for a long while afterwards. We were […]

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  • IMG_8948

    The Brandery in 2017: What’s new? What’s better?

    Applications for The Brandery’s 2017 class are officially open! Like any other company, tech or startup, the smart-minded people from Cincinnati’s oldest startup accelerator have some fresh ideas to keep them at the forefront of nationally ranked accelerators. To learn more about what went into the decision to sharpen the focus of the already successful […]

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  • IMG_7466

    Kicking 2017 Into Gear

    Already a month in and 2017 is proving to be full tilt.  And really – where else do we go after a year like last? Major Strikepoint Techstars’ FounderCon proved to be a major strikepoint for the region, bringing national attention to our efforts and spotlighting StartupCincy in a unique and very positive way. I’ll […]

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  • FounderCon2016 - 118029

    Our strategic partnership: Cintrifuse + Techstars

    If you’ve taken notice to an increased Techstars presence in StartupCincy, you’re not seeing things. Yes, we lured Techstars here with FounderCon in 2016 and we completely blew away everyone’s expectations, but that doesn’t mean our partnership ended there. In the world of startups, venture capital and innovation in general, the clout of Techstars is […]

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