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    Kicking 2017 Into Gear

    Already a month in and 2017 is proving to be full tilt.  And really – where else do we go after a year like last? Major Strikepoint Techstars’ FounderCon proved to be a major strikepoint for the region, bringing national attention to our efforts and spotlighting StartupCincy in a unique and very positive way. I’ll […]

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    Our strategic partnership: Cintrifuse + Techstars

    If you’ve taken notice to an increased Techstars presence in StartupCincy, you’re not seeing things. Yes, we lured Techstars here with FounderCon in 2016 and we completely blew away everyone’s expectations, but that doesn’t mean our partnership ended there. In the world of startups, venture capital and innovation in general, the clout of Techstars is […]

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    Spry Labs bringing back second Data Jam in March

    In September 2016, Spry Labs held its first Data Jam. Its goal was to hack Humana’s innovation process, cut the timeline into a fraction of the old model and connect a team of innovators to the healthcare giant. It was a success. Within just a month of the competition, a D.C. startup that participated in […]

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    Today in #StartupCincy news…

    Nice to see a couple of our Cintrifuse members making local and national headlines this Friday morning! For those of you who haven’t already seen, Everything But The House and Viaggi found their names buzzing around social media in the late night and early morning hours. Everything But The House is Ohio’s “top tech startup” […]

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    Catching up with Charlie Key

    It’s been a while since we checked in with Charlie Key, CEO and co-founder of Losant, Brandery grad and founder of Modulus (purchased by Progress Software Corp. in 2014). Charlie and the team were just part of the inaugural Techstars IoT cohort in New York City and now back in StartupCincy making things happen.  We […]

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    Ramping Up with New Team Members

    The Cintrifuse crew is growing in 2017 – this time through the marketing department. We’re proud to welcome Bjorn Simmons and Henry Molski to our Union Hall headquarters where they’ll sync up with the rest of our small-but-mighty team.  Together, we’re strengthening Cintrifuse’s and StartupCincy’s already vibrant voices and engagement in the Greater Cincinnati region. […]

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