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  • Maker-Track-NewCo-Cincy

    Maker Track – NewCo Cincy

    Tech and software is great but sometimes you want something you can hold in your hand. NewCo Cincy’s Maker track gives you front row seats to all the physical product makers in StartupCincy. Start the day hearing from Grainwell which takes old materials and turns them into beautiful products. If you’re a foodie you can check […]

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  • NewCo-North-Cincy

    Healthcare, Coding and Diversity – NewCo North Cincy

    Take a break from the hustle of downtown and head north to see some great presentations from some pretty exciting #StartupCincy companies. In North Cincinnati you can hear from Assurex Health, the personalized medicine company that helps healthcare providers get the genetic information for individual patients. Or, if you’re in the job market, check out […]

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  • NewCo-Creative-Track

    Creative Track – NewCo Cincy

    Feeling like feeding your creative side on July 21? Then we have the track for you. In the Creative Track participants can hear from Cincinnati’s leading creative agencies and art institutions. You can find out what seahorses, tires and pizza have in common at Topic Design’s session. Or you can head to Epipheo and learn […]

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  • NewCo-Central-CIncy

    Incubators, Universities and Kombucha – NewCo Central Cincinnati

    Our friends in Central Cincinnati have exciting things in store for NewCo this year. In the central parts of Cincinnati you can stop by Northside to hear from Urban Artifact, the Cincinnati craft brewer with a taproom in the lower level of the historic St. Patrick’s Church.  If you’re in the Oakley area you can hear from […]

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  • StartupCincy-TownHall

    StartupCincy is Just Getting Started

    June 15, 2016 saw the first ever StartupCincy Town Hall. Ecosystem stake holders filled Braxton Brewery in NKY to see the next evolution of our community and our movement. The evening’s take-away:  we’re just getting started. So buckle up, its going to be a wild ride. Our community is united, vibrant and gaining momentum daily. […]

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  • NewCo-accel-inc

    Accelerator and Incubator Track – NewCo Cincy

    Have an idea you think would be perfect for an accelerator or incubator? Or maybe you just want to see what these company building organizations have been up to since the last NewCo Cincy. Either way, the Accelerator and Incubator track puts you right in the middle of Cincinnati’s startup community. In this track you can […]

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  • NewCo-Get-Tickets

    Building Ohio’s Tech Based Economy – IXCincy

    Economies require two things – supply and demand. So when we think about building a technology economy in Greater Cincinnati and in Ohio, it’s paramount that we think about our supply (startups) and our demand (customers). And IXCincy is one of the best tools we have to build this economy. On June 15th 2016, Cintrifuse […]

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  • NewCo-NKY-Hero

    Distilleries, Creatives and BioTech – NewCo NKY

    There’s a lot of amazing stuff happening across the river in StartupCincy. NewCo in NKY features some of our ecosystem’s most exciting support orgs, startups and makers. Take a trip over the Ohio River and hear from Grainwell who reuses materials and makes them into beautiful products. You can learn about what goes into the ultimate […]

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  • NewCo-DNI-Track

    Diversity and Inclusion Track – NewCo Cincy

    For NewCo this year we’re trying something a little different. We’ve curated eight track around different themes. One of those tracks is Diversity and Inclusion. These sessions all revolve around diversity of ideas, experience and people. The Diversity and Inclusion track highlights NewCos owned and operated by minorities. It also features organizations that help minority […]

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  • newco-otr

    Makers, Art Orgs and Tech – NewCo OTR

    Home to Union Hall, the epicenter of StartupCincy, NewCo in OTR is an eclectic mix of makers, entrepreneurs and art organizations. In Over-The-Rhine you can start your day learning from Elementz about how to build identity and grit through Hip Hop. Then you can head over to Roadtripper’s office and hear about the journey of one of […]

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  • NewCo-Cincinnati-2016

    NewCo is Back!

    On Thursday, July 21, 2016, Cincinnati will host the second annual NewCo Festival. The event is an opportunity to engage and interact with some of Cincinnati’s most interesting companies: startups, breweries, makers, and agencies. NewCo celebrates organizations on a mission, connecting its audiences to the stories shaping business and society. It’s your chance to get […]

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