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  • ocean-demo-day-this-week-in-startup-cincy

    Ocean Demo Day – This Week in #StartupCincy

    This Thursday, April 28, #StartupCincy was treated to Ocean Accelerator’s second demo day. And the folks at Ocean did not disappoint. Just like last year the production was top notch and the companies all had engaging, interesting pitches. You can check out the full list of companies below. Devoo – Making it easy to find […]

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  • Unicorn-Employees-Don't-Exist

    Unicorn Employees Don’t Exist

    This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. In the startup sector, we have two types of unicorns. The first is a company that manages to raise money at a billion dollar plus valuation. The second unicorn is the unicorn hire. Unicorn hires are mythological job descriptions for individuals that don’t exist. I see the […]

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  • buid-you-startup-assembly-line

    Build Your Startup Assembly Line

    This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. Ford Motor Company was a startup. The dawn of the internal combustion engine launched the founding of car companies. Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, General Motors, and many others were startups in workshops and garages. Henry Ford started out tinkering, prototyping, and shipping his first cars, just like […]

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  • 5-things-a-startup-should-consider-before-signing-an-NDA

    Can you keep a secret? 5 things a startup should consider before signing an NDA

    This is a guest post by Tom Stasi, Associate at Taft Law Most entrepreneurs understand that their company’s main value is derived from its intellectual property, whether it be an algorithm, trade secret, etc., but it may be less obvious as to how to keep that information confidential. When engaging or collaborating with third parties, […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-4-22-2016

    Frameri Lands Partnership with Hoya Vision, UpTech Holds Community Grill Out – This Week in #StartupCincy

    This week Frameri announced a partnership with the Japanese company Hoya Vision Care. The partnership allows independent eye practices that have accounts with Hoya to carry Frameri frames and open up the potential for international expansion. To read more about the partnership check out Andy Brownfield’s article in the Courier. Also this week, First Batch […]

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  • how-your-startup-will-die

    How Your Startup Will Die

    Why do startups fail? This question is almost the “tastes great, less filling” conversation of the startup scene. Startups fail. We know this from watching big rounds go nowhere and accelerator graduates never cross the valley of death. (The valley of death is between Seed and Series A. Most people never make it.) When a […]

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  • customer-zero

    Customer Zero – The Birth of a Product

    Let me tell you a little story about the birth of a product. The year was 2000, and a group approached us about their website. In 2000 we did web design when web design was still expensive and new. This group had a website that they needed to update, allow other people to update, and […]

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  • prototyping

    What Makes a Good Prototype

    It was the dark days of Microsoft Access. In the early 2000’s, MS Access was the primary database software people used to build what we call apps. Access had the ability to run a database and a user interface built with Visual Studio. Businesses that needed something to handle a unique need often turned to […]

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  • from-bandmates-to-cofounders

    From Band Mates To Co-Founders – Stackerdecks’ Journey to #StartupCincy

    Born out of the idea that the slideshow is a fantastic way to more deeply engage audiences, Stackerdecks is a format to easily create those slideshows from not only images, but content found on social media and the web. But Stackerdecks doesn’t just make slideshows, they also make them distributable and embeddable – much like […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-4-15-2016

    #StartupCincy Goes to Silicon Valley, Cincy Tech Raises New Fund – This Week in #StartupCincy

    #StartupCincy hit the road this week. Startups and local investors took a trip to Silicon Valley to share ideas and pitch potential investors. We’ll have to wait to hear all the good things that came of the visit but judging from the Twitter feed it was a more than productive trip. CincyTech also announced it […]

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  • bootstraping-your-digital-footprint

    Bootstraping A Large Digital Footprint

    I’m lucky enough to be part of the Cintrifuse advisor network. As an advisor, I work with earlier stage startups. I love the chaos, creativity, and passion I see in people at this stage. The hard part as an advisor is helping people focus on the few things that matter. So what matters? For early stage […]

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  • zero-to-mvp

    Stop Asking for Money and Focus on Customers

    I hear lots of questions from lots of startups. The hardest question everyone has is the same. “How do I raise money?” Almost all startups need to raise money. We measure startups in the amount of money they raise, and at what valuation. We hear about funds being raised and opened to invest in startups. […]

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  • artswave-hackathon

    The Arts Meet Tech – #StartupCincy’s First Arts Hackathon

    It was a busy weekend here at Union Hall. We saw Cincinnati’s first ever arts hackathon. And it was amazing. Over 100 people and 11 teams all got to hack their way through challenges presented by Cincinnati’s arts organizations. Things got kicked off Friday night when the individual arts organizations pitched their challenges to the […]

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  • this-week-in-startupcincy-4-8-2016

    Travel Notes Aquired – CompleteSet Raises Second Round of Funding: This Week in #StartupCincy

    There was good news for UpTech graduate Travel Notes this week. The company announced it was acquired by Silicon Valley based Travel Notes is an app that communicates users’ travel plans to financial institutions to prevent credit cards from being declined abroad. To read more check out Andy Brownfield’s write up in the Courier. […]

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  • michelman

    Customer Connections Program Helps Mid Cap Companies Stay Innovative

    Steve Shifman, President and CEO of Michelman, wants his associates on the lookout for new technology all the time. That’s easier said than done however. As a mid cap advanced materials manufacturer, Michelman doesn’t have the resources that allow it to be in every startup ecosystem across the country. Which is why the Customer Connections […]

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  • chilicon-valley-logo

    Graffiti Artists Deface Union Hall Lobby and ChoreMonster Announces Frank Rumpnoodle New CEO – This Week in #ChiliconValley

    In a surprise move this week, ChoreMonster announced a new CEO, Frank Rumpnoodle. Rumpnoodle has been the Junior Assistant Vice Associate Manager of ChoreMonster for the past 5 years. “I’m really excited to be taking the helm,” said Rumpnoodle “It’s about time my hard work was rewarded.” Former CEO Chris Bergman was unavailable for comment but […]

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  • pg-purchaser-immersion-day

    Helping BigCos Work with Startups – P&G Purchaser Immersion Day

    Union Hall was packed with P&Ger’s yesterday. The folks from Procter & Gamble’s purchasing department came to Cincinnati’s innovation hub to hear from startups and to learn how to incorporate a “startup mentality” into their current roles. The audience heard from six startups, Healthy Nation, Baloonr, ChoreMonster, ConnXus, Baterii and Ahalogy, that each shared their own experience […]

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