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Think Big and Solve Huge Problems – Interview with VC Jonathon Triest

Jonathon Triest, Founder and Managing Partner at Ludlow Ventures, had been working with startups well before he started investing in them. After graduating Michigan University, Jonathon worked with entrepreneurs as a designer. In the face of better designers and lower price of design, he realized that if he wanted to continue working with startups he would …


CSOs from Cincinnati's BigCos Take Part in Data Security Roundtable

On March 23, 2016, Cintrifuse hosted its first Data Security Roundtable. CSOs from some of Cincinnati’s largest corporations came together at Union Hall to discuss their most pressing issues within the industry. The morning started with a State of the Industry panel. Moderated by Tony Sibert Executive Director of EY’s Cyber Risk Team, and included …


HCDC Business Showcase & Innovation Village

Sometimes we get wrapped up in the digital world and forget there are companies in #StartupCincy doing amazing things besides developing software. Things like making carbon nanotubes that NASA will use for satellites. Which is why it was great to see HCDC host their first ever Business Showcase and Innovation Village. The event was a good opportunity to see some …

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