• The Authority on Navigating #startupCincy

    Cintrifuse enables the building of high-growth companies providing connections to talent, funding, and customers.

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  • There’s a VC in our office at least once a week

    Listening to pitches, meeting with corporate partners, looking for deal flow.  Tap in to our network of venture capital funds from around the world.

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  • Startups Need Customers, Arguably More Than Anything

    Get customers – investors and talent will follow.  With 9 Fortune 500 companies in our neighborhood, innovation has never been more accessible.

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  • Get Hired, Find Talent

    The growing companies of tomorrow are working with us today to find top talent.

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  • Startups as a team sport

    Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road.  Reach out and connect with others who can help.

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  • Who We Connect
    • Entrepreneurs

      Services targeted to high-growth, scalable, venture-backable startups.

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    • Venture Capital

      Providing VCs with high-quality deal flow or possible investment through our Fund of Funds.

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    • Corporations

      Access to innovation and innovative thought leadership; tapping in to a network of startups and VC firms.

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  • About Cintrifuse

    Cintrifuse connects the region's high-potential, venture-backable startups to advice, talent, funding, and customers. With over 35 ecosystem partners, 50+ participating local corporations, 75+ mentors and advisors, and a $57MM Fund of Funds, Cintrifuse leverages the power of its network to serve over 160 startup members and improve their chances of success.

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  • Cintrifuse Fund of Funds

    A unique investment instrument designed to exponentially increase the amount of investable capital inside our region. The Fund has developed a network of VC firms and other high-potential investment sources who enjoy a close relationship not only with our startups, but also Cintrifuse investors – the pillar companies of Greater Cincinnati.

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